Periodic screeds by the SkrÄuss and guests

The Skräuss dabbles in many arenas.  Like a touring gladiator he battles, grapples many thoughts, across the vast expanse of imagination.  Included blow are autobiographical notes, explanations of his work, and a quasi-daily web-comic which is also autobiographical.


Exponential Growth

Exponential Growth tells my life story in daily segments and summaries that I have improved to make my life more awesome.  It's not a fiction to deceive; it's a fiction to create reality. Other comics professionals have called it a hyper sigil.  Look that up.  Others have called it think and grow rich, or the law of attraction.

I find that making my life awesome is less hilarious than making a fool of myself.  Sometimes I err on the side of humor.  Join me in my misremembrances.


Comics Motorcade

The Skrauss is some kind of cartoonist.  This is his work in the comics medium, published, to be published,  and other (studies, copies, improvements, etc.). 


To Opine, Or to Suffer the Slings and Arrows of Outrageous Idiots

Here the Skrääuss speculates and notices.  He provides insights and refreshing commentary