The Skrauss - Showings and Revelations

Cartoon Plasticism, Emergence of Tradition

2006, Moct, Milwuakee

This show featured the series, The Ride of the Peg Leg Monkey, where I documented his gun-wielding horseback carnage dealing ride through Milwaukee 2. Many of these paintings no longer exist.

Doorway Into Madness

2011, INOVA 3 Gallery, Milwuakee

A room full of cardboard and paintings. Very little documentation exists of this show. Over the shows duration I expanded the installations to extreme maximalism, then wittled it away, until only the police blotter version remained. I shot a documentary called Ecce Dominus which shows the evolution.

Mystical Meditational Labyrinth of Ascension

2012, INOVA 3 Gallery, Milwuakee

My most glorious moment of hubris wherein I hoped to bleed reality into my fictional world, Milwaukee 2, and thrust myself into sainthood by harnessing the meditations of viewers as they walked through a long cardboard labyrinth lit only with video projection.