On display at Rotofugi, Chicago 

In 2013 I thought that it would be a great money maker to create a trading card set where each 3" X4" card was an original drawing.  These images are copies of panels in Bronze-Age comic books drawn using the practice technique called "blind contour line drawing."  In this technique the pen touches the paper once and the entire drawing is completed without lifting it and without looking at the drawing.   I planned to sell these glorious trading cards for twenty bucks per pack of 10.  Cheap original art! Plus it's collectable!   I sent all of these as a pitch to a gallery/toy-shoppe in Chicago.  I proposed a show where I would copy entire comic book pages using this technique.  When I went in to talk to the owner she wouldn't even look at me.  I asked if she'd received my envelope.

"It;s around here somewhere,"  She said.

If you want to see this show in person, it's around Rotofugi somewhere.

My favourite things to draw were the word balloons and the costume decorations (Superman's logo, Lex Luthor's harness, etcetera).  If you are interested in a blind contour line drawing copy of some comic art give me a shout on the contact page.