This is the official statement used at the Flying Saucer Café Winter 2003.


The Artist Says, "Ha."

Skrause's pants evidence his uncivilized savagery, but his art proves his transcendence. While lesser artists stroke their pet isms, which they purchased from the gumball machine in your local grocer's lobby, Skrause is reuniting the classical myth cycle with the high arts. He is uniting text and painting.

The World Pastiche swirls, mixing between the shores of the U.S. Skrause feeds on this soup, dipping his ladle into it; slurping it, swallowing it, digesting it. And the energy-return singes and snarls out his eyeballs. He paints, and evolves the American myth, the one began by Indians, lumberjacks, immigrants, slaves, explorers, ranchers, and urban sprawlers. What is more American than cowboy/gunfighters? What is more American than the Moon? What is more American than cowboys and Samurai on the Moon? Dain't nutin'!

While ism artists daintily paint their sad poems from the swish hole of fickle modernity, Skrause is painting these characters and their stories. While lesser artists make comic books and then movies about girls who graduate from high school, Skrause is making them about the Zoo! Mongomery Blanc! The Land of the Cowboys!

While the poor down trodden artists and authors of "literaryfiction" are lowering everything to the most boringest common denominator- sex and nihilism- in that order, Skrause is grasping for the Divine and using the best tool history has provided, Myth. And what's more, he's doing it the American way, by-his-lonesome! Ha!

This is the original Flying Saucer artist statement fo winter. It was never used.

Skraus like art.

Art like Skraus so-so.

Skrause once wear pants and eat dirt, eat bugs, caribou!

Now since Skrauss git BFA. skraus civilized and wear shirt, too!

Now Skrause eat pasta and paint and tribe Exile Skraus.

Tribe say, "Skraus woman! Painting woman work."

"But chief, Michelangelo…."

"Get out Skraus!"

Chief point to door and Skraus walk out head between shoulders and cry.

But now Skraus not worry about tribe.

Skraus love art.

Graaaah! Braaaaaaaaah!